Patient Temperature Management

The hypo- and hyperthermia treatment devices HICO-VARIOTHERM 550, HICO-VARIOTHERM 555 and HICO-AQUATHERM 660, combined with suitable HICO water pads, allow user-friendly and efficient control of your patients‘ temperature - both in perioperative patient warming and in patient cooling, e.g. after resuscitation. Via surface contact with the radiolucent HICO water pads the patient‘s desired body temperature can be precisely controlled. Due to its good thermal conductivity, water is an ideal medium for the effective and safe transfer of heat and cold.


  • Precise water temperature control between 5 and 40 °C depending on the device
  • Uniform and safe temperature transfer via HICO water pads
  • Low follow-up costs thanks to reusable, easy-to-clean HICO water pads
  • Closed, low-noise systems
HICO-Variotherm 555


5 – 40°C

Effective patient temperature management in intensive care units

HICO-Variotherm 555

HICO-Variotherm 555


15 – 39°C

Perfect warming & cooling unit for patients in neonatology and pediatrics

HICO-Variotherm 550

HICO-Aquatherm 660


35 – 39°C

High-performance patient warming system for use in surgery

HICO-Aquatherm 660